Our Story


Our story encompasses love, self-healing, and paying it forward. Does it truly matter if the mechanism for healing can’t be verified? I think it’s far more valuable to focus on that which gives you faith and the will to go on when you need it most.

Healing crystals are believed to carry positive, ailment-curing energy that can dispel negativity from the body. When I was struggling with my health in 2015, I turned to gemstones in an effort to heal myself. After doing an immense amount of research on gemstones and their metaphysical characteristics, I began purchasing stones and making jewelry. I started small, selling a few here and there at work, but it was my son, Ramses, who was the true visionary.

Ramses valued family, being the youngest of five children, he truly understood the significance of the close-knit relationships he had with his parents, siblings, and friends. Most notably, Ramses was a forward-thinker, often credited as wise beyond his years. Everything Ramses put into building Braceitup was about establishing a strong foundation and legacy for his family. He wanted people to embrace their internal beauty, their sense of purpose and personal balance.

Ramses, who was 18 at the time, believed in my craft and the power of the stones so much that, he meticulously took inventory and kept track of how much product was needed to build a business, he built a website and set up a Shopify account, took orders from friends at school, ran the business’ social media accounts and email, and even did graphic design work. Ramses “had everything together” and really pushed me to turn my hobby and healing stones into a lucrative business.

Ramses was so drawn to this particular business, because he was just like me,  all Ramses wanted to do was help people find healing. Ramses believed these stones were useful, specifically for the purpose of meditation. He had the foresight of understanding how these gemstones worked on a spiritual, energetic level and believed in my talent so much that he helped me make something beautiful. 

At the peak of the business formation, Ramses tragically lost his life at the tender age of 19. I once again found myself turning to gemstones and creativity to find healing. "I believe I am connected to every bead and the connection varies,  and I relate the feeling of working with them to the vibrational energy I feel when I get acupuncture". When I find it difficult to do much of anything, creating is my form of moving forward, especially because I know Ramses lives through the business. It’s my way of keeping my son’s memory and essence alive. It’s my way of honoring Ramses’ one desire: helping other people. 

Brace It Up Designs will serve as a legacy dedicated to the life, love & passion of one whom touched so many; loved all people and was adored by all who came to know him. Rest in eternal paradise Ramses Thoth Hurley 

Brace It Up was His Creation - His Passion - His Vision -
We are Proud to Continue and Grow His Legacy #LongLiveWiKK 


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